Sentons next-generation technology is used in a wide variety of markets and devices


Sentons works with leading OEMs to enhance the smartphone user experience by adding virtual controls beyond the touchscreen of phones and tablets

Use Cases

  • Squeeze sensors on device edges
  • Tap and button sensors to replace mechanical buttons
  • Hand position sensors to recognize how a user is holding a phone
  • Swipe and slider sensors on sides and back of a device


Transform every surface of a wearable device into an interface

Use Cases

  • Touch sensitive bezels
  • Presence buttons
  • Virtual slide and swipe controls
  • "Contact force" sensors to detect how tight a wearable is against the body


Enable new PC interactions beyond the traditional keyboard, mouse and trackpad

Use Cases

  • Touch sensitive palm-rest areas
  • Slider bars on keyboards
  • Virtual keys on plastic or metal enclosure surfaces


Replace mechanical controls with intuitive virtualized controls that allow you to “feel for buttons”

Use Cases

  • Slider bars on steering wheel
  • Virtual controls on the steering wheel, center display or under any metal, wood or plastic surface on the interior or exterior of the vehicle