SDS ButtonBar

SDS ButtonBar is a standardized button replacement solution designed to provide advanced virtual button functionalities. Comprised of over 20 submicron-sized ultrasonically modulated discrete sensors distributed within a short 1.9 inch bar, it can be placed almost anywhere, including the interior of the phone due to the high sensitivity multi-sensor solution. (i.e. can be inside the battery compartment).

The ButtonBar provides maximum industrial design flexibility for thin, foldable and curved waterfall displays.


  • Evolving the user experiences with virtualized buttons that are redefinable in software
  • Identifies touch and press patterns while rejecting false touches that plague other solutions
  • Supports full IP68 enclosure rating

SDS GestureBar

Our sophisticated gesture tracking algorithms allow for software-definable slider areas, scroll bars, and swipe zones.

Located anywhere on the enclosure, these gesture surfaces can be placed in positions that fit with how users typically hold a device, enhancing usability and promoting more natural human/device interaction.

Scroll through web pages, navigate through apps, adjust the zoom of a camera, or more, just by sliding your finger along the edge of your phone.

SDS Array

Sentons’ SDSwave processor and corresponding sensor array can track the location and applied force of multiple touch points on the active surface with high resolution, providing a rich image of the surface contact.
This allows for a device to become “context aware” -- knowing how it is being held, in what position, and with what materials -- which can then be used to enable "squeeze" controls and adapt the user interface to the user or the specific use case.

From knowing if a phone is being held in a left hand or right hand, to knowing how many hands a driver has on their steering wheel, the advanced surface imaging technology can redefine adaptive user interfaces.